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Val Scale

Sweetness, one of the six basic tastes, is universally regarded as a pleasurable experience.

Foods rich in simple carbohydrates such as sugar are those most commonly associated with sweetness, although there are other natural and artificial compounds that are sweet but with much lower concentrations, and used as non-caloric sugar substitutes.

The chemosensory basis for detecting sweetness, which varies among individuals and species, only began to be understood in the late 20th century.

Valiber developed a patent pending universal method and system for communicating sensations in general, and sweetness in particular – ‘The Val Sweetness Scale’.

‘The Val Sweetness Scale’ was created to measure sweetness, and indicates the sweeteners concentration through a numeric unit. The point at which sweetness is felt is the sensitivity threshold, and is defined as one Val. Twice the sweetness is two Val and so on.













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